PVC based shade structure over 10X14 Kodiak tent advice

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Re: PVC based shade structure over 10X14 Kodiak tent advice

Post by skyy » Sat Oct 10, 2020 11:15 am

Not sure when I'll be setting it up next but for reference. I used 1/2" pvc. I superglued/E600'd the connector pieces on selected portions of the frame to secure one side, then drilled through the other connected side such that you can put a bolt through the top and a nut on bottom to keep them in place.

Example photo below, this is one of the long sided pieces (ie the 14 ft side of the kodiak), for portability sake I cut the length in two, glued the connector to one side then drilled through the other. I did this on all connections that were not superglued so the end result would use 10 bolts and 10 nuts total. (2 on each corner 3-way connection, and 2 on the long sided lengths)
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