The Lost Penguin seeks AWESOME new members!

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Stephen Lynn
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The Lost Penguin seeks AWESOME new members!

Postby Stephen Lynn » Sun Feb 20, 2005 11:19 pm

Hello, Potential Lost Penguin!
Understand that our recruitment-time has a very small window.
We already have a substantial group of terrific, contributing members.
Meanwhile, we can never have enough, and THAT'S where YOU come in!
If you wish to join in with our waddling flock, you must do so SOON!

I am Gargoyle(a.k.a.: Stephen Lynn); the longtime granite sentinel of The Lost Penguin Tribe at Burning Man. [/b]
I will be your attending informer and coordinator.
Our founder, leader, and visionary is Nudeyman(a.k.a.: John Clay).
He shall be your host.

Understand that fewer than 10 of you reading this invitation will be accepted into our awesome Burning Man tribe.
We are limiting our membership to around 50 people...
..50 sexy, reliable, fun-loving people.

Our tribe now consists of around 40 fantastic tribemates; some are veterans and some are virgins. But all are eager and excited about Burning Man 2005: The Psyche.

The Lost Penguin Cafe' and Theme Camp at Burning Man ("TLP" for short!) is now in its 5th year as a respected and prominent Esplanade tribe.
{For a mere taste of the Lost Penguin-vibe, look at some photos from earlier in our history(2001 & 2002) by going to: Realize that our camp, and membership, have grown and evolved substantially since those days.}

Considering the often harsh elements of the Nevada desert, The Lost Penguin Cafe' is a uniquely deluxe, luxurious camp.
We bring: 13,000 watts of generator power, 2 large refrigerators, 2 stove/grills, 2,000 sq.ft. of shade structure, a sound stage open to all performers, lots of couches, tables, spinning fans, lighting, lounge space, a foot care/shampoo/massage area(tended by real massage therapists!), space for your personal tent and(possibly)your vehicle, and this year we'll create the best damn playa-shower your dusty body ever enjoyed!

TLP, like the Burning Man festival itself, is a "Participants Only" entity.
We highly encourage your individualism and exploration of the waking daydream that is Burning Man. We want you to take in the beautiful people and art and love of the Burning Man-world around you as often as you can.
Just know that we REQUIRE your regular contribution and participation in the loading/unloading/installation/tear-down/maintenance/and function of our amazing camp throughout the week.
Also required is a pre-event cash payment of $150 per person. That breaks down to around $20 per day for all of the relative luxuries and comforts that TLP membership provides.
Deadline for payment: July 1st.
(address for sent payments will be given to those responding.)

TLP sets a fantastic table for our regular group mealtimes.
Our kitchen staff is beyond compare!
We make considerations for those with vegetarian/vegan dietary preferences.
Dinner is our primary group meal, and is followed by our daily group meeting, where your attendance is required.
(The daily group meetings are quick, but informative and necessary.)
Breakfast is often a group meal, and lunch tends to be "every Penguin for themselves".
Enough food is provided for all members, but "special" food items are your own responsibility. For instance, I'm diabetic and need some sweet juice or candy nearby to treat an insulin reaction. Or maybe you need your jelly donut-fix every morning or your carrot sticks at noon. Such are your personal responsibility)

TLP brings lots of community water, but it is intended for kitchen clean-up, showers, and only emergency use for individual members.
You will bring two of those 2.5 gallon plastic containers, per person, for your own consumption.

TLP's main theme is "ENTERTAINMENT".
Our focus is on providing a desert oasis of comfort, fun, indulgence, and entertainment for the hundreds of guests we well as ourselves!
We serve rare Belgian chocolates and fine wine to our hundreds of guests.
We have a busy stage featuring known musical acts, open-mic moments, readings, performance art, and karaoke...and whatever....

You'll be expected to participate in one or more of our 'committees':
Entertainment/'Adult' Entertainment
Power(concerned w/generators/usage/lighting)
Art/Interior Decorating
Waste Management
Loading/Unloading(i.e.: helping organize it; though EVERY MEMBER adds their muscle to this
(Other committees may be formed in the upcoming days)

Upon your signing on with us, we'll upload you to our TLP Yahoo message board so you can introduce yourself and get to know your fellow Penguins and join in the planning before we convene in-person.

I'm available for any questions.
Ph#: 562.494-7565

a.k.a. Gargoyle

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Postby geekster » Mon Feb 21, 2005 12:38 am

You guys have an AWESOME camp. I was impressed with your hospitality at BM2K04. I cant wait to drop in and say hi in 05
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Release Me
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Postby Release Me » Tue Feb 22, 2005 8:52 am

I too had a wonderful experience at the Lost Penguin in '04. Came stumbing in on my birthday at who know what time in the am, filthy from who knows what I was doing. Was treated to chocolate, wine, and Jack Daniels. Even a birthday song and baby wipes! I left refreshed, and ready for the second half of the night.

I was very impressed by what was happening there...please let me know if you need anything in '05...
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Stephen Lynn
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Postby Stephen Lynn » Tue Feb 22, 2005 11:02 am

Yes, we Penguins are known for our hospitality, and the relative luxury of our camp. We appreciate the compliments!

Limited time offer here for new recruits! Very few spots left. Maybe we'll allow 5 more folks. Contributors and PARTICIPANTS ONLY!

Either e-mail me at, or Ph#562.494-7565.

Come on in to The Lost Penguin.
The water's freezing!

a.k.a. Gargoyle

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Postby STSC » Fri Apr 01, 2005 8:18 pm

I do have a special place for The Penguins in my heart. Heard a strange rumor tho that there will be a new bird aroudn your camp....something about a Flamingo?!?!?!?!
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