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Kryptik Audio Imprintz

Post by SUMA » Sat Jun 11, 2005 2:45 pm

I am Suma / Kryptik Audio Imprintz,
I hail from Houston, TX. I am A [b]DJ/Producer/Performer[/b] interested in doing a live performance at the fest. The style of Kryptik Audio is a fusion of Dub/Middle Eastern/Gypsy/mental HipHop/Latin with touches of
Jazz Flavor; overall eerie yet seductive and intrancing, but aimed towards
the dancefloor. I hold down a weekly radio program here in Houston
called Soular Grooves on 90.1FM KPFT 9-12mid CST. you can check the site @:
We also have record label, Starlight Breaks & Beats with all original material, you can check the site @:
Also I have some of my own production online @:
My main aim is to share my experiences (sound) with the people.
I also have CDs of my own production as well as mix CDs upon request.
Kryptik Audio Imprintz
Kryptik Audio Imprintz


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