Gimme your panties, and I'll put "The Man" on your

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Gimme your panties, and I'll put "The Man" on your

Postby pokiedot » Sat Jun 25, 2005 2:21 pm

Panty Camp needs your panties!!!

hidey ho, burners! i'm writing today with a little plea for help. Panty Camp is on it's third year of providing the citizens of Black Rock City with clean underthings and we're running out of panties. we rely on donations to run our camp, and we need your panties!

but wait, there is something in it for you...

send us 6 or more panties and we'll send you one back with "The Man", wearing a pair of panties, of course, printed on the butt!

visit for more details.

see yas on the playa!


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