What was name of trance venue at 10 and Venus last year

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What was name of trance venue at 10 and Venus last year

Postby tlip » 11 years ago

The best music on the playa last year was the trance venue at 10 and Venus. I talked to the DJ's and folks doing it and got all their info and then lost and forgot it all. They are based in SF. Anyone know their name?

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Postby Ohranje » 11 years ago

I think it was called The End. We danced down there several nights in a row.

There is a camp called Trancendance coming to the playa too. Dr. Spook does a number of events as well.

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Postby sputnik » 11 years ago

It's going to be alright.

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Postby damon » 11 years ago

Space Tribe? :)

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Postby stuart » 11 years ago

the 10 o'clock road went, from esplanade

Sol System (between esp and mercury)
Disorient (between mercury and venus)
The End

then there was a smaller sound camp way out past mars


[eta] oh, and lotus was jammed in behind sol system
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