The Thread For Camps that Need DJs

Exchange camp ideas, find places to perform, announce your events, etc.
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The Thread For Camps that Need DJs

Postby The Bass » Mon Jul 11, 2005 2:14 pm

got a camp that needs DJ's?

use this thread! the following information will help you in your search...

- Name of camp
- Styles desired
- Vinyl or CD or both?
- Slots open (if applicable)
- Size of system (small, medium, bumpin')
- Snail mail address for Demo CDs
- Person to PM on eplaya for info
- Person to see on the Playa

you can get the most incredible Djs you've ever thought of, right here - but BE SPECIFIC about your'll be glad you did!!!

DJ's: do NOT post here - let's just let camps post - and then you can contact em by PM or snail mail or in person... thanks!!!!

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