bike taxi theme camp, is anyone doing it?

Our 2005 theme explores psychology: self-expression, self-reflection and the unconscious power of dreams. Discuss.
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bike taxi theme camp, is anyone doing it?

Postby Starbird » 11 years ago

1st time burner. i've seached bike taxi's. can't find any. there must be a theme camp for bike taxi's. can anyone help me find a way to provide public transport?
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Postby theCryptofishist » 11 years ago

There is anonther search term, but I can't think of it. There are lots of discussions of transport--try searching for transport, transportation, public transport, bus maybe. Whatever. This is very much a "if you build it they will come deal" bring your bike taxi and offer what ever bike rides you like. Just don't let them think they own you!
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dragonfly Jafe
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Postby dragonfly Jafe » 11 years ago


A cool concept, but I hope you either have Lance Armstrong working for you (or are on steroids). You may want to go for one year before commiting to this (unless you are already into bike taxiing).

Some years, the Playa is hard as concrete. Some years it is like a beach. After about Wednesday, the streets are all like beaches.

What I am trying to say is that it is often hard enough to pedal yourself, let alone 1-2 persons riding along.

And the Playa is BIG! A single "fare" could result in a mile or more of pedaling (through sand, if it is a bad year).

But, you would be VERY popular if you did bring this!

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Postby robotland » 11 years ago

I remember seeing a bicycle RICKSHAW camp in the Theme Camp List. I've thought about making a passenger vehicle myself, as a way to meet others in BRC....I had a cool old bike that actually had a SIDECAR, but it was a Wrusted Wreck. Still have a vintage bike-for-two, but it needs restoration and corners like an oil tanker.
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Postby sputnik » 11 years ago

It's going to be alright.

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Postby blueniteowl » 11 years ago

I believe BullD was either involved in that or had his own rickshaw. I remember seeing pics of him with it.

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Glee Club Internaional - bike taxi's and trading post

Postby Shinxy » 11 years ago

Hey everyone,
I just wanted to point out that the glee club will be making bicycle taxi's this year, and we are requesting anyone who would like to join us in our mission to help the bike-less get from point A to point B on the playa, or perhaps to meet a few good burners!
Our camp openly invites first-timers, and we are an awesome fit. Our theme camp will have a trading post, the taxi company and a sleep longue. The sleep longue will use exotic teas to intensify dreams and aid in remembering them. The more the merrier!
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Postby shitmouse » 11 years ago

on related note,
we used to offer up bike corrales to park bikes for Bm'ers to enjoy the local club/camp near-by. 'twas a huge convenience for travelers, and ended up getting highly gifted for something we used as part of our camp's bike space. (embrace your bike culture.)

having a depot or lock space is a great offering if applicable.
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Digital Defiant
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Postby Digital Defiant » 10 years ago

Realized the date on this...

Actually, myself along with some help from some folks in the Northern AZ Region were considering doing an "official taxi service" camp for 2006...

Black Rock Taxi Service

Not going into too much detail right now... But we plan on utilizing three mutant pedicabs with to move weary Burners across the Playa during certain hours... While the bikes are in order... We are still in the planning stages with the camp itself...

Anybody who would like to help or contibrute... Feel free to contact me... My email is in my profile or you can go here:

Take care,

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Green Wood
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Postby Green Wood » 9 years ago

Taxi was a good movie

there was no bikes in it
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