Beware of geeks bearing gifts

Our 2005 theme explores psychology: self-expression, self-reflection and the unconscious power of dreams. Discuss.
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Beware of geeks bearing gifts

Postby Curtis » Tue Aug 16, 2005 9:45 pm

In one of the BM emails they suggested to bring yourself as a gift of participation rather than cheesy gifts, well I love all the stuff people have made over the years, I still have it all. I for one am working hard on the stuff I will be bringing this year to hand out to all the lovely people I meet. - I almost didn't make it this year, so, now that I am going (and bring some friends) I can't sleep at night I am so excited.
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Postby Chai Guy » Tue Aug 16, 2005 10:52 pm


I think the hand-made stuff is great too and I also cherish those things. I believe what people have been discussing as of late is the store-bought cheap plastic crap variety of gifts. More important than physical reminders though I love it when people share their story with me and give the gift of a moment shared. Sometimes I forget that when I'm slingin' the chai tea I need a reminder that the reason I'm out there in the first place is to experience people not things.

Can't wait to meet you!

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Postby ZaphodBurner » Wed Aug 17, 2005 10:16 am

One of our most treasured gifts from BM04 was a pair of glow-in-the-dark shotglasses with a cool graphic of the Man on them. My wife smiles every time she pulls them out.

If a trinket invokes smiles and fond memories (the way Mardi Gras beads used to, before they were a commodity) I see it as a good thing.

Tonight our camp is gathering to finish one of our gift items; bar towels with the Zaphod art on them. Hopefully, they will have utilitarian value as well as serving as a memento.

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Postby Imagigrl » Fri Aug 19, 2005 10:00 am

Last year is when I really got gifted and I cherish each and every one of the gifts. I wish I could find my water bottle bag that Canadian Camp Cat 4 made me! You know, that big orange cat dome on the 9:00 plaza? I've not come across the cheesey store bought raver stuff or otherwise in the 2 years I've gone so far so I don't know what the hoopla's about. This year I'm going to try to gift solid chocolate along with some necklaces I'm going to make. If I can keep the choco from melting then I'm a playa goddess! If not, then we'll all have yummy poopy looking mouths. Any chillin' suggestions? Do you think I should offer Rolos??
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Postby robotland » Fri Aug 19, 2005 10:50 am

Dark chocolate takes a little more to melt than milk....And, I'm not sure where to get them these days but I used to covet Hershey's tropical chocolate bars, designed not to melt in tropical heat. A little dry, but very nice!
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Postby Imagigrl » Fri Aug 19, 2005 11:35 am

Dark chocolate, yes, I was going to include that for those who prefer it. I know there's wax covered dark chocolate for hikers but it's expensive. If I went to a natural food store I'd probably find the tougher stuff. Thanks. You've been quite helpful! = :*)
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