Sacramento Themecamps?

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Friendly Jen
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Sacramento Themecamps?

Postby Friendly Jen » 10 years ago

Looking to join a themecamp of peeps in the sacramento area. Email me if you have one or are interested in starting one. As for other playa projects I spend most of my 'work time' at the BRCPO. Been attending BM since 2000.

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Dr. Pyro
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Yo Jen

Postby Dr. Pyro » 10 years ago

I tried to send you an e-mail in your private account, but it has sat there for a week. Jen, call me at 927-4444. I may have a solution.


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Postby blyslv » 10 years ago

Maybe you can convince testeinsac to create a Squirrel Lovers Camp.
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Postby theCryptofishist » 10 years ago

You go first, blyslv.
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Postby janicels » 10 years ago

hay iam right here in citrus heights and will be having a camp this year
bmanbuttonwe have room if u need a camp
whooo we are camping with will be great

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