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Postby Sean » 10 years ago

Island by Aldous Huxley, the island in the book reminds sort of of the idea of the burning man culture and the ambassador from the dictatorship makes the comment that the island is doomed because in the modern world no one should be allowed to be truly happy. I havent finished it yet though so maybe it dosen't fit.....

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Postby HughMungus » 10 years ago

OK weird that I never thought of these two:

Contact (yeah, near future; love this movie though)
Fifth Element (LOVE IT)
It's what you make it.

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A second vote for Americathon

Postby flipper » 10 years ago

For those unfamiliar, Americathon fits the "future that never happened" part of the motif. A 1979 movie about a 1998 that never happened... and, in some ways resembles playa life. After the Energy Crisis of the late 70s worsened, cars became useless as transportation. Some people live in their parked cars and put up chairs and other amenities around d the cars. The Freeways of LA are filled with cyclists, joggers and skaters.

Electricity is difficult to come by (elevators are coin operated). The president lives in california with his girlfriend and spiritual advisor.

The plot of the movie is that America is in multi-billion dollar debt to the tribal chief who owns National Indian Knitting Enterprises, maker of popular jogging suits (check the acronym), skates, and bikes. The chief calls in the debt and the daft president (played by the late John Ritter) is convinced to hold a 30-day telethon to save america, but an advisor (Fred Willard) is sabotaging it so america will be reposessed and sold to the Hebrab (Hebrew-Arab) alliance.

The telethon is hosted by Monty Rushmore (Harvey Korman) consists of dance numbers, a bunch of ventriloquist acts, body builders a guy (Jay Leno) boxing his mother - and losing, a stuntman (Meat Loaf) bullfighting the last working car, a kid skating across the country, and a musical performance (Elvis Costello) from the UK, the 53rd state

Living around cars + bikes filling the streets + a freak show= BRC in some aspects, theme Camp or no.

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Postby Lorgasm » 10 years ago

Kingdom of Fear by Hunter S. Thompson

What a great book.
Of course, I have yet to read a bad book by that man.

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