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Postby webdaemon » 10 years ago

well... i remember spending quite ALOT of time there and i have been on this board for quite some time and have yet to gain word about them. i miss a few friends i didnt get a chance to say goodbye to so i wanted to say hello again here. if you are from the hookahdome pop a reply here or if you went to the hookahdome tell us of your experiance.

P.S. soren ill make you a forum for your site if you want send me a PM and its a done deal.


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Postby Atar » 10 years ago

Hey there Webdaemon,

haven't been to the playa but I did find their website for you. http://hookahdome.com
And a contact email address: durtschi_420 (at) hotmail (dot) com
It was in the Theme Camp registry.

Good luck :)

Burning with inspiration! )'(

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Postby webdaemon » 10 years ago


there are some awesome pics of the magic carpet at that site. im a wee bit camera shy.. especially after i havnt showered for a few days but they did manage to catch me in a shot here:

http://magicflyingcarpet.com/BM05/pages ... et_03.html

im the guy lying down next to the hookah with the blue shirt over my chest. :)

it was a bit toasty that day

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hookahdome memories

Postby ragesage » 10 years ago

i do remember the hookah dome

when i first entered the place.. i totally blacked out.. couldnt focus on anything for like what seemed an eternity.. didnt feel like leaving the black hole

and i kept coming back..not only cuz it was saved me from the heat, but i met some interesting freakz there :)

i do hope the dome comes back in 2006 and i meet some of the people i met there and ofcourse meet new

ahhh also thank you to whoever was passing out the chocolates ;)

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Postby pedro del sol » 10 years ago

They should be back. I went to a recent fundraiser and had a blast. They looked motivated to me! :)
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Postby BoxaRox » 10 years ago

finger cymbals and candlesticks

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