San Francisco Decompression Pictures

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San Francisco Decompression Pictures

Postby Martina » 13 years ago

Do you have pictures from the heat the Street Faire, or do you know of a good website that does?
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Postby RebA! » 13 years ago

One would think that the people who got to participate in this event, are either still asleep, drunk, stoned or even at work right now. Or all of the above. My guess is that pictures will start popping up in a day or two once the haze has drifted.
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Postby Clever Username Girl » 13 years ago

I am at work, sore from too much dancing, hoarse from shouting in order to have the wonderful, meaningful conversations I had with so many last night/afternoon, and in posession of that attitude of WHATEVAH that broadcasts to everyone at my workplace that I had more fun than they did last night. I have about 5 pictures of not much more than myself and a friend or two and no way to download them at work. Wait a day or three and they'll start to show up...


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Postby Patience » 13 years ago

At work also. Hung over. Exhausted. I don't feel decompressed.
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Postby antron » 13 years ago

Patience wrote:At work also. Hung over. Exhausted. I don't feel decompressed.

i agree. re-charged, more than decompressed is how i'd describe my general state.

no pics from me. i recorded no evidence...

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Postby jbelson » 13 years ago

Okay, one for us that weren't there.

How was it?

Anything super-cool?

How long was your trip to get there?
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Postby Spanglish » 13 years ago


I performed on the Cocomo stage last night. It was a very positive vibe, good sound and lots of dancing sweaty folks. I think they'd have danced the Hokey Pokey if we played it, because the energy was so high.

Beautiful art all around, fire, installations, excellent music. Sort of like BM, but you get to go home and sleep in your bed afterward.

I didn't go to BM this year, but I definitely got that Burn feeling yesterday.

My perspective,


(Oh, my trip to get there was about 25 minutes.) :)

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Postby Eric » 13 years ago

I had a blast, and am exhausted.

I haven't developed my film yet, and I haven't even scanned my photos from the actual Burning Man yet, so who knows when I'll get them online.

Hopefully in the next week or so.

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Postby icyspots » 13 years ago

Decompression was great, loved the industrial backdrop provided by the Dogpatch neighborhood, very surreal with all the fire, costumes, shadows. Not the desert though... Didn't take any pictures, but looking forward to seeing all of yours!

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Postby evie » 13 years ago

Decompression was off the hook. I had the most stressed out year at BM this year so the street faire really helped me reconnect with the fam. It was great to be so social. Rock on Burners! :P

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