Automatic Log-outs??

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Lassen Forge
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Automatic Log-outs??

Postby Lassen Forge » 10 years ago

For the past few days, I am being automatically logged out over and over when trying to post or (more frequently) send a PM thru the system. Was never a factor before, only noticed it since the server migration project, and is becoming more and more frequent with each day.


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Yep some weird little bugs on the new servers

Postby Rockdad » 10 years ago

Yep some weird little bugs on the new servers.
Sometimes when I hit the quote button it has kicked me back to!
I thought it was my puter till I saw Sue's thread
and just now without clicking on anything I was reading a thread and it kicked me back to
I have not been logged out at anytime though but probably because I had multible windows open.
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Postby Atar » 10 years ago

You may want to clear your or cookie in your cookie settings, this might be the cause of your troubles.
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Chai Guy
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Postby Chai Guy » 10 years ago

Agreed, I deleted my cookies and it solved the problem for me. Give it a try and report back here. Thanks.

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