PARTICIPATE in the 2 Mile Burning Dragon!

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PARTICIPATE in the 2 Mile Burning Dragon!

Postby Bare » Sat Apr 08, 2006 4:40 pm

The current WORLD RECORD for a Chinese Festival Dragon is 1.89 miles long, set at the Great Wall Of China in 2002. If anyone can break that record BURNERS can!

Creator of The Eyes Of Gawd, Jim Bowers and The Tribe will create the fire breathing head and burners (LIKE YOU) will create body sections all over the world!

[b][u]IT'S SOOO SIMPLE!!![/u][/b]

All it takes it three hula hoops and plastic sprinkler pipe! You can literally put a ten foot body section together in 15 minutes!!! Decorating your dragon is entirely up to you. Burning Man IS about self expression after all!

Here's your chance to PARTICIPATE in a large (very large) performance art project that just MIGHT end up in the record books.


Thanks for your time,
Jim Bowers

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