4/25/2006: ePlaya Back Online (Explaination)

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4/25/2006: ePlaya Back Online (Explaination)

Postby spanky » Tue Apr 25, 2006 1:29 pm


The ePlaya should be back online now after an extended DNS outage. Here's a brief overview of what happened.

Some individual complained that our WHOIS information for burningman.com was incorrect. Any domain registrar which receives this type of complaint is obligated to act. An email was sent to us about the matter, which was swallowed by our spam filter. The outcome of this is that our domain was put on hold until the information was corrected. We worked out all of the details, and the domain is no longer held.

This may take a short amount of time to be redistributed to the internet at large, so some may see the site down, while others may see it up. This also effects email, since the burningman domain must resolve in order to send email. This also may take some time to resolve itself.

Apologies for the downtime.


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