Odeon Bar Plays Catwalk

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Odeon Bar Plays Catwalk

Post by Isotopia » Sun Oct 19, 2003 3:14 pm

<Forwarded for your pleasure>

Hi. My name is Ben Burke. I work the door at a small place of entertainment in San Francisco. It's called the Odeon Bar. It's in the Mission district. We area palace of variety arts, bringing odd and unlikely acts to the people of SF. Once a year the boss charters a green tortoise bus and brings the staff, the customers and all the entertainers on a trip and take over another club. Last year we did Brooklyn NY. The year before we did Portland. This year we are doing the Catwalk October 24th. Admission is $5. There are about 65 of us. The show will be incredible. The logistics to get this many people to move through the world can only be accomplished by a retired circus guy. Chicken John retired from traveling and settled down and bought a bar. I don't know who he was trying to kid. Now he just travels with the bar. Some things never change...

The Catwalk is located at:
172 South Washington Seattle USA
Corner of 2nd & Washington 206.622.1863

San Francisco's darkest dive, The Odeon Bar, has been 86'ed from itself.
Chicken John, sole proprietor of the premises, boasts a lengthy list of
infractions. Blasphemous bands, bottlerockets, and buxom beauties run rampant in this visceral venue for odd and unlikely entertainment. So with nowhere to turn, and nothing better to do, this motley crew of shunned showmen, persecuted performers and banned bands have turned out the lights, closed down the bar and opened the road. Hundreds of miles later, they arrive in your town and assume control of some poor, unsuspecting nightspot. Yes, folks, the entire bar has been packed into a bus on a roadshow to Nowhere. Now here! A flock of 65 Odeon Barflies descends upon Seattle's own haven of unholy entertainment, The Catwalk, on Friday, October 24th, at 9pm. Everything that is Odeon is unloaded onto the stage. The bartenders! The bands! The beautis! The bad, bad ideas! And we got a lot of bad ideas here at The Odeon. This is one of them.
By The Grease of God, it's--

The Odeon Bar Radio Show
Flash-0- Matic- Pirate, astronaut, cowboy, clown!
DR HAL - The All-Knowing!
KROB- Musical confabulations!!
THE CHRIS KARNEY SHOW - The Daring! The Danger! The Desk!
THE FITZCOCK FOLLIES - Cataclysmic Cabaret of Musical Mirth & Mayhem!
PHAT MAN DEE - Shocking Siren of Alarming Songs!
TOSHIO HIRANO - Olde Time Honky Tonk Tunes!
DAVID CAPURRO - The Undisputed YoYo King!
DANIEL BROWNING SMITH - The Amazing Rubberboy
Zoli- Future washed-up lounge singer!
Chicken John- Insultant, confusionist!
DAMMIT THE WONDERDOG - Old Dog, Older Tricks!
Can't Can't Girls- No one can't do it like they can't!!!!
Adam Walker- Ukalelist! (we like him)
Jason Webly- Techno pop DJ/rapper!!
John Law- Operations manager of CHAOS!
Wink Payne- Apocalyptic samba!
RUBE WADDELL !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Post-Apocalyptic Beer-Drinking Hootenanny Music!

All this; plus the staff and the regulars of San Francisco Odoen bar.
The only people that aren't comming are the undercover cops and
the ABC agents!

It's a barrage of our most inescapable acts, for one night only, as The Catwalk is invaded by a barfull of banished barbarians and their unforgiving onslaught of odd and unlikely entertainment. The show is being simulcast to a SF pirate raido station (pirate cat 87.5) More show than you can possibly stand, courtesy of Chicken John, ringleader of San Francisco's most tattered tavern, The Odeon Bar. The bar must go. But the Show must go on. And on. And on.
And on... Odeon, that is!


the guy to call on for more info is me, Ben Burke:

or Chicken:

We thank you for your indulgence...


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