Crystal Singing Bowls at BM

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Crystal Singing Bowls at BM

Postby Ginger34 » 10 years ago

Hi all,

I am participating in a musically/sound oriented camp this year - Sounding Spaces, be sure to check us out!!! Anyway, I am considering bringing my 11" crystal singing bowl but wondered if anyone had any tips on how to protect it or if I should just leave it at home. I definitely have seen them there, last year they were playing some beautiful ones at the Temple on Sunday. Can the dust hurt or harm it in any way? Anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks for any help!!
Lisa 8)

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Postby theCryptofishist » 10 years ago

I dont' think the dust can harm it, based on my googling. Contact the manufacturer maybe?
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diane o'thirst
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Postby diane o'thirst » 10 years ago

We had someone bring theirs back at the '01 Burn. I think you have more to be concerned with in terms of raw logistics than from the dust.

I'd pack it up well in a fairly large, uncrushable box. You can pack your clothes and pillows in the box around it for cushioning. I'd even go to my local Freecycle for bubble wrap. What are you sheltering in? If it's something big like a camper or roundhouse then you can keep it in there. A tent probably wouldn't provide a good place to stash it.

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