Evolutionary Center

A unique and distinctive culture emerges from the Burning Man experience. Rooted in the values expressed by the Ten Principles, this culture is manifested around the globe through art, communal effort, and innumerable individual acts of self-expression. To many, it is a way of life.
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Kachina Katrina
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Evolutionary Center

Post by Kachina Katrina » Thu Aug 03, 2006 6:31 pm

our BM Camp, EVOLUTIONARY CENTER, has room for a few more people.

There are still some spaces available (limited though) in our Burning Man camp, EVOLUTIONARY CENTER, and I wanted to extend this invitation out to you if you or someone special you know is interested in this sort of green camp, please let me know. You can register on-line and find out more at:

www.EvolutionaryCenter.net - more info on the camp below.

The Evolutionary Center is a theme camp that has emerged out of the Greening Burning Man movement, which is focused around creating a more sustainable Black Rock City culture. The camp community will provide workshops, resources and tools to educate and inspire Black Rock City citizens to live more softly on the Earth, both on the playa and off, and collaborate with other "green camps" to unify the mission of greening Burning Man. Through this work in a village microcosm, we seek to form successful models and community structures that can help to initiate more sustainable development on a planetary scale.

The Evolutionary Center will be completely powered through alternative energy technologies like Solar, Wind, and potentially a bio-composite generator for backup and educational purposes. We are developing a community water system for minimal plastics use, and plan to compost or recycle almost 100% of our waste products. We invite creations that reuse commonly disposed materials, educate about sustainable living, and express our desire and dedication to heal Planet Earth.

We are located at: 4:30 and Eager and many of our Friend's
This is a great spot on the avenue; fairly close to Center Camp- this is the “new esplanade.” We will have a green resource dome for workshops and material to learn about sustainable living and projects our campers are involved in across the globe.

This year all of our food is provided by Divine Nourishment, organic vegetarian food, and excellent sources of protein, and fresh spring water. if you are interested in this and I’ll give you the down load on friends and family. This kitchen runs 24hours with the dinner at sundown and there is a sunrise meal as well, and mid day.
*Please keep in mind if you are doing the food for the whole week it is: $140- that includes fresh spring drinking water.

Many of the campers at Evolutionary Center are center points of major networks; people dedicated to developing connections and establishing communication to aid in Global Transformation. Joining our community will help you to build your own network, and learn more about how you can help make a transition to a more harmonic sustainable infrastructure in your local area.

FYI- the website is an excellent source for information & updates are clearly marked, and we have a Project Development wiki

See ya on the Playa!! Can’t wait to celebrate!!
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Post by blyslv » Fri Aug 04, 2006 10:01 am

While overal I support your goal, I have to ask: what in the world could ever be "sustainable" about 35,000+ people going to a very harsh climate to burn shit?

Seems to me true sustainability would entail staying in one's own town and fomenting art and fire on a small scale.
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