Looking for 2 or more to join us in RV or to camp with

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Looking for 2 or more to join us in RV or to camp with

Post by bellavida » Wed Aug 09, 2006 9:36 pm

Looking for 2 or more to join us and share costs of our rental RV (leaving from SF bay area) OR to find a group we can join - in your RV or your camp.

I know the RV is woosy and expensive, but it is relatively comfy and conducive to getting at least some sleep. We are 2 friends, 1 M, 1 F, one BM 2 timer, one virgin, easy-going, friendly, planning to participate and have a great time.

Any interest/openings?

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Post by julie_c » Sun Aug 13, 2006 6:39 pm

Sorry we dont do the RV thing... we like to tent-it...but we will have room in our camp, good spot this year, look us up, "Miss-Information Station"
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Post by tapahtim » Wed Aug 16, 2006 8:13 pm

My friend Emily, a first time burner and my self, a return burner would be interested. Could you call me to discuss costs and possibiliites? Blessings, Tim (504) 723-3267

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Post by RamblingWallabi » Sat Aug 19, 2006 11:44 am

Hope you got my message, if not - I'd love to join you in your RV! I'm willing to help pay for expenses such as gas and rental price. First time burner, drop me a line a Dylanpickle@gmail.com
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Post by madmaxcatcha » Sun Aug 20, 2006 6:38 pm

my sister bagged out on me and i am very interested in sharing your rv. when do you leave? i can split cost. 1 female from marin county! 2nd time burner!


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