splitting a camp into 2, or 3.

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splitting a camp into 2, or 3.

Postby alienfry » 13 years ago

together everyone accomplishes more


but, you know, people have different visions about what to build and set up and stuff.

i'm tinkering with an idea a campmate presented to me about splitting our camp into two. maybe keep our name and then have sub-names. share a kitchen or a gen or other vital things, but ultimately allow the theme/tone to develop independantly of each other.

what are your thoughts and/or experiences?
awesome oppossum

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Postby III » 13 years ago

sounds rather workeable. that's sorta how villages got started anyways. now that the definitions that the placement people use are based purely on total population, rather than how they're structured, it matters even less what you call it.

look at village guidelines and experiences for more information, as well as searching for ivy's comments on how solo collective partitioned off their space...

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Chai Guy
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Postby Chai Guy » 13 years ago

That's pretty much what my camp has been evolving into the last few years, different people with different projects sharing communal structures like the kitchen, shower and shade structure. It works really well, although I would like to see us get a little more organized, but I'm afraid that any attempt at real organization would lead to our ultimate destruction.

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