Last call to get your Camp/Event PSAs & Info on the air

Exchange camp ideas, find places to perform, announce your events, etc.
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Last call to get your Camp/Event PSAs & Info on the air

Postby BRBC » Mon Aug 21, 2006 8:21 pm

Of course, we'll usually make live announcements for you. But, it always sounds cooler if it's produced a little bit.

Promote your event, entertain the masses.

The BRBC wants to help you get the word out.
Have an event you'd like to promote on the air? Send us your audio! Have something funny or cool you think we'd be interested in playing on the air? Send it to us!

What you should send:
* produced or semi-produced PSAs
* produced or semi-produced promos for your events and/or camp
(mp3 or wav format is best, most anything else is fine.)

What we *don't want:
* music you had nothing to do with (i.e. your favorite albums)

What we *might* want:
* scripts for your unproduced PSA or promo
(Nothing is guaranteed, but if you don't have the capacity to produce your own spots, send us a script. We'll try to make some magic happen.)

Send all your stuff to

Do it! Do it now!
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