wierd paging.

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wierd paging.

Post by DE FACTO » Thu Nov 06, 2003 5:54 pm

Hey here's a wierd one. I wonder if anybody else is having this problem:

when I get paged from eplaya to my email I click the link and it sends me to the thread that has paged me.
when i go to the bottom of the page it has the link that gives me the choice "Watch this topic for replies".

the opposite happens when i'm not paged.

I'll post this also under bugs and fixes.

just thought I'd mention it. not so much a big deal until the parties start happenning later this month and next and you start missing messages like I did today.

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re: weird paging

Post by technopatra » Mon Nov 10, 2003 10:28 pm

Hmm. I couldn't recreate this bug. Can you send me screen shots if it happens again?

Kinetic II

Post by Kinetic II » Mon Nov 10, 2003 10:33 pm

My current quirk with the eplaya is no popups or alerts for new messages, and my work systems have no popup filters at all. I also know Sprint's firewall very well and there is nothing configured to block the eplaya alerts. Has anyone else had this problem? Mine started about 1 1/2 weeks ago.

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