New Highres Satellite Pictures from 2006 on Google

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New Highres Satellite Pictures from 2006 on Google

Postby SnowBlind » 10 years ago

Not sure if it was posted already, but both Google Earth and Google Maps have posted high resolution satellite pictures from 2006. They nicely put this years city into its new position and left the old picture of the empty city in the old location:,+nv&ie=UTF8&z=14&ll=40.764161,-119.224663&spn=0.035495,0.097504&t=k&om=1

The level of detail is pretty amazing, you can make out every car and every tent: Zoomed In Link

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Postby ibdave » 10 years ago

Thanks for the posting.....
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Postby pbmaniac2000 » 10 years ago

Wow that picture is amazing. Very high res.

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Postby BAS » 10 years ago

Darn, my camp still doesn't look like much! :( I need something bigger and more distinctive.

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Postby meyouseek » 10 years ago

Makes me want to build something just for the satellites and aliens to see. Maybe a constellation of sorts in the deep playa.

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Streetview, anyone?

Postby quetzpalin » 9 years ago

So, this of course begs the question of whether or not anyone plans to do a street view of this year...

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