Looking for other places to play... Chapa...

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Looking for other places to play... Chapa...

Postby chapa » Mon Apr 23, 2007 9:34 pm

Hello Everyone... My name is Chapa... This is my second Burn and I'm so looking forward to playing more shows around the city... We played center stage last year, but didn't play anywhere else... We are looking to hook up with as many cafes, bars, musicians, burners, as possible... Big stages, little stages, Art cars...

A little about the Band... We are a 5 piece that utilize a multitude of instruments: guitar, cello, oboe, english horn, pots and pans, vibes, flutes, talking drums, sulings, etc... And if everything works out as planned, we'll have the dancers joining the fray...

I look forward to hearing from every one...

Take care..

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