VJs insearch of a Venue

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VJs insearch of a Venue

Postby winstar » 9 years ago

We have cool moving pictures. We could play at your gig.

VJ Doppleganger(New Zealand) and VJ Zod(Canada) are super stoked to be going to Burning Man.

We have all the gear including projectors and laptops etc...

Drop us a line and we will be there with bells on.

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Postby trilobyte » 9 years ago

I'm involved in putting together a Wednesday night event at the temple - perhaps you'd be interested in setting up atop one of the art cars and projecting onto either the playa or the crowd. Sound interesting?


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Postby joshyalaska » 9 years ago

Trilo - if you're talking about Temple of Breaks - VJs would definitely be appreciated by this breaks dancin fool.

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