The Playa Book of Records needs a computer programmer whiz

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The Playa Book of Records needs a computer programmer whiz

Postby snerko » Tue Jun 05, 2007 10:31 pm

Hello ePlaya.

My name is Dan, and I'm part of the Playa Book of Records (P.B.R.). We've been documenting records on the playa for the past three years. Our project allows people to establish a record in whatever category they dream of. We've documented over 400 records, in categories ranging from "Fastest Rendition Of 'Devil Goes Down To Georgia' On An Accordian" to "Longest Lesbian Kiss While Playing The Bongos".

After the talking the talk for a long time, we're finally stepping up and building a P.B.R. website. We have photos of most record breakers, and video clips of some. Our long-term goal is to build an open source, Wikipedia-like site where people around the world will be able to document and upload their own records. (We're taking the concept to a camp in New Hampshire this summer, and organizing an international "record documenting" road trip this fall.)

We've begun categorizing and building a database for our current records, and will have all existing images digitally scanned in two weeks time (June 22nd). Copy is being written, and we have an art director to oversee the site's design.

What we need:

A passionate, driven programmer who shares our vision in building what we hope could be a truly landmark website. Our goal is to build a non-profit site that allows kids/schools/camps/groups/goofballs/etc. to dream up records and let the world know they're the best on the planet at something. We think it could be super great.

If you you might be up for the task (or know someone who would be), please email me at We probably can't pay much money, but we'd love to buy your B.M. ticket, invite you to be part of our camp, and promise you heaps of love, respect and admiration from everyone in our group.

Thanks in advance/see you on the playa,

The Playa Book of Records

PS See a few existing records here:
and ... rch=Search

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