BLF Secret Inter-Camp Missions! (No work required...)

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BLF Secret Inter-Camp Missions! (No work required...)

Postby sylvenwolf » Sun Jun 10, 2007 7:18 pm

The Bear Liberation Front’s (BLF’s) (a super-secret spy organization dedicated to liberating bears from bad situations throughout the world, the universe and time) entrance to burning man partly to help our ursine operatives better understand the human world, as stated on our site,…

However, there is a hidden agenda….

Many of the BLF’s operatives, unable to properly contact mission control for a variety of covert reasons, will be hiding a variety of clues around different camps at the burn for potential operatives and other parties interested in assisting the ursine population to find and figure out.

To help the operatives in their noble missions, we need camps to volunteer as hosts for the BLF operatives' clues. (No work needs to be required in this, before or during the burn - just good hiding places, unless you’d like a greater level of participation. : - ))

If you are interested in participating in this inter-camp venture and super-secret mission series, contact the BLF.

- Operative 001, over and out

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