COlorado volunters needed for large funded art project!!!!!!

A unique and distinctive culture emerges from the Burning Man experience. Rooted in the values expressed by the Ten Principles, this culture is manifested around the globe through art, communal effort, and innumerable individual acts of self-expression. To many, it is a way of life.
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COlorado volunters needed for large funded art project!!!!!!

Post by MrMojoinCO » Tue Jul 31, 2007 10:01 pm

Help Save one of the last Glaciers in Colorado Burning Man Style!

A very kind man by the name of EHRON ASHER has put together a very serious proposal to build a large piece of art at burning man this year. It is the Black Rock Glacier. A Large piece of art made to resemble a melting glacier. The project was designed to be made of steel and plastic water bottles.

His Description:
summary of main features
* A towering, 6 pillared glacier fortress, made with plastic water
* The innermost chamber is a refuge from the desert heat, as the air
is chilled -- and clean, drinkable, ice-cold water drips from plastic
water bottle stalactites, from which participants may fill their own
bottles, cups, and camelbacks.
The Black Rock Glacier is intended to provoke contemplations and raise questions
around the relationship between humans and the rest of the natural world. Exploring the
uniquely human cycle where a basic need grows into desire -- desire becomes greed --
greed leads to excessive gluttony, then scarcity or depletion… returning it to a basic
Does human consumption of natural resources, whether out of need or desire, have
consequences? Does the sight of 20,000+ plastic bottles disturb you enough to not fill
your own plastic bottle/camelback reservoir/etc with the glacier’s ice cold water? What
part do you play in furthering the depletion of the planet’s resources? Does your own
use of plastics and other ‘everyday’ petroleum based products fuel war for oil? Why do I
pay more for a gallon of bottled water than I do for a gallon of gas?

Ehron did a really fantastic job planning and outlining this amazing idea. Please see the website and PDF plan at He was awarded a very fair sum of money from Burning man for the building of the glacier and has a really great start putting the whole thing together. Most of the bottles have been collected All of the steel has been purchased and much of that has been cut to specs. What he and his team are missing is additional manpower to get it put together and into the truck so it can be on the playa on time. They need many more people to help with the bottle attachment job, and a few people that can help with steel work (grinding, bolting and painting). Just part of a day from every burner in Colorado would be more than adequate to accomplish this. I’m not sure how many art projects have been built by Colorado Burners, but this large scale, funded project is sure to be remembered by many for years to come.

The location where it is being built is in a old lumber yard in Louisville. It is in between Denver and Boulder. There is plenty of room for everyone to build, park and even camp if you want to stay the night. Please consider donating a day or even an afternoon in the next few weeks to help get this to burning man. Without additional help it just may melt before it gets there.

Thank you for reading this and pass it on to any burners you know in the state.
For directions to volunteer please call Ehron @

720 379-4484
512-577-3136 cell

Peace and Love
MrMojo :oops:
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Post by Teo del Fuego » Wed Aug 01, 2007 12:17 pm

I'll Hep!

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To the Colorado Burning Man Community:

Post by MrMojoinCO » Wed Aug 08, 2007 10:11 pm


To the Colorado Burning Man Community:

I am sending this email as a last ditch appeal to ALL of you.
Boulder's own 'Black Rock Glacier' is in serious danger of not making
it out to the playa. Over the last four months or so, I have done all
I felt I could do to reach out to the local Colorado Burning Man
community for help building this massive project. The simple truth is
that the response was lackluster from the beginning, and only picked
up once I was able to offer BM tickets, and by that time it was very
late in the game. Perhaps it is my misunderstanding of Burning Man
ethos, but I've always thought it was supposed to be about gifting,
not bartering. Participation, not spectating. Community, not commodity.

The gift that Burning Man has given to the universe is a gift that has
and will change the course of lives and helps to shape what may occur
for our society in the future. Tens of thousands of people gathering
every year to connect to the phenomenal world and the other people in
it, when in the 'default' world we are either disconnected or
overconnected ? the ripple effect of awareness and consciousness ? can
be seen and felt, and will continue long after we have left this world.

Have you personally experienced or ever wondered what goes in to
creating the BM art that entertains and inspires you year after year?
I do have a crew of a certain number of people who do their best,
given their busy lives, to make it out to help as often as they can.
And they certainly have busted their asses, in the heat, in the rain,
late at night, to try and make this project a reality for your
collective enjoyment out in BRC. They have waded thru mountains of
trash at the Boulder County Recycling Center in 100 degree heat to
hand pick the 41,000 plastic bottles we need. They then de-capped,
de-neckringed, de-labeled, and disinfected those bottles. They have
been working on cutting, drilling, grinding, bolting and painting 8
tons of steel; Soldering 1500+ LED circuits, cutting and stripping
5000 feet of wire, etc, etc, etc...

But it unfortunately may not be enough. We need more help. We are
scheduled to leave for the playa in 10 days. I beseech you to make
some time in the next 10 days to come by our work yard in Louisville
and participate. Come and be a part of making this happen. Help. Help.

My seven year Burning Man journey thus far has pointed out over and
over again to me: the wonder of the phenomenal world and the world of
phenomenon within it? Faced with living in an era of destruction,
creation is essential to survival? Not being afraid to fully be who I
am while not feeling the need to judge others who are fully being who
they are, is to feel like I could sprout el wire illuminated,
sheet-metal wings and glide across the desert carrying a flamethrower
at a brisk 5mph, in goggles and a utili-kilt, effortlessly and
fearlessly - in endless wonder at the joyous phenomenon of the product
of radical self-expression... which is creation.

A journalist on our crew wrote this in an article about the Black Rock
Glacier: "As the fate of a potentially transformative art project
hangs in the balance, the question becomes: Will the community rally
and come out to contribute their part in building this magical glacier
in the hot, Nevada desert? Or is the Black Rock Glacier doomed to a
fate similar to the glaciers in the 'default' world... another wonder
lost to indifference and inconvenience?"

Anything is possible. We can totally do this... but we need your help.
Please see if you can't find some time -- and bring your friends to
help SAVE THE B.R.G.!

Contact me at or call me at 512 577-3136. We
are at the yard from 9am (most days) until Midnight or later.

From Denver:
From 36, take the StorageTek Dr/Interlocken Loop exit toward NW Pky
Toll/Louisville/Broomfield. Turn right at Storage Tek Dr. Continue on
Northwest Pkwy E. Turn left at S 96th St. Slight right at CO- Hwy 42/N
Courtesy Rd. Go to 1055 Courtesy Rd/Hwy 42, on your left. In same
complex as 'Joy in Books' and Uhaul. Do NOT park in bookstore parking
lot!! You will get towed. Drive into yard thru gate to the left of
'Joy in Books'.

From Boulder:
Take Arapahoe, Baseline or Table Mesa/South Boulder Rd to CO-Hwy
42/Courtesy Rd. Turn right and go to 1055 Courtesy Rd/Hwy 42, on your
right. In same complex as 'Joy in Books' and Uhaul. Do NOT park in
parking lot!! You will get towed. Drive into yard thru gate to the
left of 'Joy in Books'.

in peace, with love, commUNITY, and my sincerest respect,

Ehron Asher

posted by his friend Mojo

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