what i want for christmas

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what i want for christmas

Postby III » Mon Dec 15, 2003 3:37 pm

there are a lot of things on the eplaya to do plate, but it seems there are two that are not dependent on technological changes to actually implement, and would probably be better to do sooner than later, in particular before the january newbie rush.

these are:

*getting the use guidelines (and community faq?) published and broken in

* refactoring the categories on the eplaya.

i've seen some discussion on the former, though it seems to be a bit bogged at the moment, but no progress at all on the latter.

are these still priorities? and if they are, how much of a prioritiy are they?

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Postby Chai Guy » Thu Dec 18, 2003 4:27 pm

*getting the use guidelines (and community faq?) published and broken in

Any news on this? I've read the discussion, just wondering if anything was coming down from on high?

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Postby III » Thu Dec 18, 2003 7:08 pm

there's a whole lot of waiting going on. i'm not sure what the power structure is, or who has to sign off on it actually going into effect, or what needs to be added.

so far on the official front, there have been a couple of "great start!"s from the people actually in charge of getting them done, and a wishy washy "maybe we should have a couple fo different documents" from a senior member on the tech team who may or may not have final sign off say on the whole thing.

yeah that doesn't help much, but now you know about as much as i do...


Postby Araceli » Fri Dec 19, 2003 5:28 pm

Is it possible that the holidays had anything to do with it?

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Postby Bob » Sat Dec 20, 2003 2:39 pm

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back from hiatus

Postby technopatra » Mon Jan 05, 2004 4:19 pm

HI y'all-

Much lagging, little progress. I hate to admit it, but we seem to get more done in face-to-face (and phone) meetings that we have been able to accomplish online.

Thought I had someone lined up for the category reduction, but alsa, no. I'm gonna tackle it myself, but need you r help/perspective on a couple of things:

I'm going to try to reduce it down to some happy medium between III's original suggestion (5 categories, closely resembling the old eplaya) and the current one, heavily leaning towards III's.

1) As I'm re-grouping threads, should I worry about all placing of them, or would it be cool to only include the currently active (or very recently inactive, like within a month) in the new design, and move everyting else into an 8/03-11/03 archive?

2) As I have to group exisitng threads together I'm concerned with wildly disconcerting people. I will, of course, notify everyone before it happens, and spell out where each thread will end up. (I'm afraid it will be too counter-productive to ask for feedback beyond the feedback threads, but I will run it by you guys before we settle on a new architecture. If only a couple of folks flip, we'll be in good shape.).

What else can I do to ease the transition?

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