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Performance Questions/Help

Postby Guest » 13 years ago

My name is Kelli, and I am the manager, and front lady of the band
Cherries-N-Silk. We are an electronica, dance, techno style band. We have been trying to get information on becoming a act at the burn for 2004. If anyone could help that would be great....

Thanks much,

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Postby hellsoap » 13 years ago

o rly

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Postby Badger » 13 years ago

As long as you're not expecting $$ you should be OK.

Check the BM main web site.

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Postby Last Real Burner » 13 years ago

Hi Kelli,

What a great gift would love to see you on the playa getting you thing on..

a coupla questions..
1. This your first time to the burning Man Festival?

2. The festival is in a very caustic based desert, are your instruments, sound equipment and you, prepared for it's devistating toll? and where did you get the info (what's your source)?

3. Have you looked in the other threads ie. Music and Performance Area ?

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