Photos of Burning Man 2007 (Best Of) and yearly report

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Photos of Burning Man 2007 (Best Of) and yearly report

Postby marcmerlin » 9 years ago

Note, this is a dupe posted from "Experiences at Burning Man", but a few people told me by mail that I should have posted here for those looking for specific art pictures.
Hopefully I picked the right place this time :)

Anyway, the report is here: as a followup to my previous reports ( )

Feel free to share with your friends, and posts to lists/boards.
BTW, I prefer replies by Email than through the board. You can reach me at marc at


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Postby Wrath7sins » 9 years ago

Sweet collection of pics! You also happen to be the first person I've seen to post a pic of my dragonfly. I'm glad you enjoyed it! =) I hope you don't mind that I snagged a copy of the pic? Thanks! ^__^ See you back home next year!
*poke* is it flammable?

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Postby Key Man » 9 years ago

Marc, I really enjoyed your excellent, large collection of photos and the notes that accompanied them. I sent the link to a number of family members and friends who'd been asking about BM and I think your page will serve as a great introduction.

I was sorry to read that you don't plan to come next year but in case you change your mind, I'll be the guy all covered in keys.

Thanks again!

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Great report!

Postby konacoffeeman » 9 years ago

Mahalo Marc for your reporting, pictures and videos of the event. I've also enjoyed sharing this with my family and friends who are curious and interested in what happened. As a first-timer, it was a wonderful re-connection with humanity. In my opinion it's the people, not the site, that makes Burning Man worth the physical hardship.

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Postby Bob » 9 years ago

Marc, I'm pretty sure the guy on the tall blue bike is "Jirish Mike".
Amazing desert structures & stuff:

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