Photos of 2003

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maybe you'll like these.....

Postby shitmouse » 13 years ago

maybe some of you will enjoy these: ... ie&.view=t

they are pinhole shots from last and previous years.
the film got beat up pretty bad running around in the heat and dust over the week and it made the final results even better. click the images to see them better. --(and no they aren't for sale. stupid yahoo page).
thanks, -- lemme know what you think. :wink:
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Santa Sleigh Art BIke

Postby doc » 13 years ago

Looking for pictures of our art bike, before or after it was crushed by the bunny car.

Title "Santa kidnapped by disco aliens"

It was a Santa sleigh with a disco ball on back being pulled by a flying saucer made of el-wire.

We have some pictures but were planning on taking more the night of the burn, unfortunately it was crushed when the bunny car collapsed on it.

If anyone got some pic's of our sleigh please pass them on....thanks

doc (at) docsloft (dot) com

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Three Animated Slideshows

Postby soundpilot » 13 years ago

Just posted three slideshows set to music: My photos mainly focussed on the art installations, art cars and some bikes, but there are also some panoramas of the playa, and some cool timed-exposure night-shots. This was my first burn (after years of hearing my friends rave about it), but it sure won't be my last!

The slideshows were created using a new photo-sharing site that I helped develop - it lets you add super-smooth animated pan&scan moves, dissolves, transitions, and titles, and automagically makes a web page for your shows. Note that you'll be invited to download a small player plug-in if you haven't used before. (Windows IE 5 and above).

I'd love your feedback!

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It took me 4 months....

Postby brillig » 12 years ago

I should have given my email to people I took pictures of, cause everyone wants pictures of themselves. Next year :!:
In the meantime, if anyone knows or was:

An acrobat, juggler or poi dancer at center camp, check out

A participant in a gothic fashion show at the Man, check out

A stilt walker at center camp (I think this was Critical Stilts), check out

The woman in blue sunglasses and pink chiffon dress in lotus in one of the shrines at the base of the man, check out

I'd be really happy to get full sized images to someone who I photographed.[/i]
snow falling faintly through the universe :roll:

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Postby Chimp » 12 years ago

Hi all, this is a blatant crossthread attempt to push certain crossthread irritants to the bottom of the pile.

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