Start here - tell us about yourself and what brings you to ePlaya.
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Postby thespirals » Thu Mar 13, 2008 8:45 pm

Hey! uH...
I think I may have introduced myself here already a long time ago but I forget. So I'm gonna do it again now that I know that I'm for sure going this year! aaand I want to maybe chat on here more frequently so a more up to date intro would be good good.
So! I'm Jessica! I've been chatting a lot on the 2008 virgin burners Tribe, too.
I'm an artist from the bay area. I grew up in Petaluma, and I'm here again. I lived in SF for 5 years, and I'm trying to move back to SF as soon as I can. Or Oakland or Berkeley if the artist warehouse oppurtunity comes up. (I really wanna live in one of those!!)
Soooooo......I'm a painter and a screen printer. Right now I'm working on a big painting of a woman drinking the universe, which turns into earth life forms in her body and then the universe exits out of her..er, nani lala and back into space. It's from a vision I had in Peru while under the influence of ayahuasca. So yeah if anyone from the bay area needs anything painted for their camp, hit me up! Murals are fun. Lets see, I also like to travel, dance, be in nature, grow plants, music, go to shows...yeah! I think the biggest reason why I want to go to burning man is to meet new people. The more artist friends I have the merrier! I love being surrounded by fellow artists. I'm taking bellydance, used to spin flags and I'm hopefully learning staff and poi soon. yay!

I did go to the SF decompression in 2007. If the guy in the all-white body suit with the two go-go girls in lederhosen talking really fast in a squeaky voice about weird things reads this, i love you, i laughed my ass off the entire time THANK YOU!! you played a SKItar! my hero. :D

Sooo yeah bay area burners, I would love to meet you...before, during, after BM, and I would love to help you with your projects too! Not sure where or who I'm camping with yet but I'm not really worried about it. Things will fall into place, I'm sure. BTW I have really influential, addictive child-like energy!!! wheee!

if you have aim, my screen name is thedillydally, chat with me if youre bored!

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Postby BitterDan » Thu Mar 13, 2008 8:58 pm

Hi and welcome!
Camp FuckIt + MT - 7:15 & D (maybe)

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