SkyShow: SF Camp looking for advice from fellow stargazers!

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SkyShow: SF Camp looking for advice from fellow stargazers!

Postby SkyShowCamp » Tue Feb 03, 2004 1:49 pm

SF burners -- want to come on our Exploratorim field trip and help us brainstorm?!?!

I posted elsewhere on this board, and was told to re-post here in the hopes of finding fellow SF burners who might be able to help out in any way to help us conjure up this idea from our imaginations:

The goal is have an art car/shuttle deliver people to a chill platform / area on the edge of the playa where the ambient light is at its lowest. Some sort of overlay on the actual sky would be ideal. We've considered a planetarium with projectors, fan-like rotating LED strings overhead, and a merry-go-round like device that would rotate screens to be projected on. Constellation outlines, names, and short attention span theater disguised as "bite-size factoids" will be presented to those who are hanging out in the chillspace. Music (and thus power) will need to be generated.

We're primarily in SF, and would love it if you had any advice, especially in the areas of:

0. the art car!!! Anyone have one that they'd like to bring into the camp? Anyone want to build one with us? Anyone have any ideas on the best "SkyShow Shuttle" theme?
1. designing the playa-resistant constellation display/overlay system: optics? projection? blacklight-reactive painted backdrops?
2. offering advice / suggestions on the best way to transport, set-up, and burn/tear down the chillspace – where on the playa would be best?
3. help organizing, finding volunteers, and managing the camp planning – what needs to be done, how many people will it take, how do we handle the finances, etc?

If you've interest, sign up for our Yahoo! group and see what we've come up with so far:

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