finally made it in

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Claudia Platt
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finally made it in

Postby Claudia Platt » Sun May 11, 2008 2:56 pm

i'm so excited to experience burning man. i've never been. my husband and i are going with his friend. i never got to see the candy that came in the envelope. can someone describe how fun it was. my husband is brilliant with math not describing candy. love art and creatures, and disagree with most mainstream values in the u.s. i can't wait to be around people who are willing to listen to their hearts for a few days instead of television. i lived in two other cultures so very few people as old as i am think as liberally as i do. of course, it is all in the definition of liberal.

sorry i don't capitalize. one of my hobbies is playing with languages and changing them. english is going to change very fast now with texting. capitalizing is so overrated unless you are screaming. right.

i love talking about art, creativity, birds, sex, bodies, and being married. politics interests me if you are willing to really look at history and not deny half of the people in history, the oppressed. I finally had time to look into BM because school's out and i'm so lonely today. my husband has to work all of the time and i live in a gorgeous forest. no neighbors stop by here. i'm not always lonely as i teach college, but i probably have seen my husband alone without the kid maybe five times in the last month.

my bitch is the warmest thing i've held is awhile. my dog of course.

i was just looking for stimulating conversation. i live in flagstaff and people do well talking about antlers, ecology, ranching, property, taxes and hate, but things like art and sex are dead topics, i need someone to dig deep into the depths of humanity with me.

what a gorgeous day. i'm going outside now that i finally got on this site.

what is my name??


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Postby theCryptofishist » Sun May 11, 2008 7:47 pm

Welcome. The candy is either an Atomic Fireball or a Lemonhead. You can buy a box of either and experience it in a smaller size. It's just candy. Not even topshelf american candy like a hershey bar, but halloween candy, cheap and wierd.

yeah, hershey's as topshelf is pretty darn pathetic.

What cultures?
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Postby CLARKcon » Tue May 13, 2008 8:10 pm

Hello yvette :D Sounds like your in need of some deeper understanding...chances are, the desert will supply.My opinion, it's a great week of exploring (everything), creating (everything), and self internalization & reflection (everything...seems to run the gambit of the emotional spectrum out there), which is pleasing to see that we still feel. Be it a joyous revelry, a deep and content gaze on a passing strangers face. To me, being out there is a reconfirmation that soceity/humanity still exists... :) Have a safe trip out, and check your "to-do/get" list twice!
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Postby ragabashpup » Wed May 14, 2008 12:10 am

Welcome Yvette the playa is whatever you make it. Enjoy it get excited feel those lovely butterflies in your belly. Mine have been there since my ticket arrived. The candy made me giggle since I wasn't expecting it. In 06 I bought my tickets off of someone so didn't get the joy of candy. At first I couldn't figure out what this hard thing in my envelope was and then whee out falls a lemonhead. My 3 year old daughter wanted to try it so I gave it to her. Some great expressions were made because of it then I had to pull it off the carpet after it flew from her mouth.
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Postby Captain Goddammit » Wed May 14, 2008 5:21 am

theCryptofishist wrote:yeah, hershey's as topshelf is pretty darn pathetic.

Pathetic?? Not! Hershey's chocolate IS the America Dream! Just because it isn't rare doesn't mean it isn't topshelf. It's America, and we make lots of it.
Utopian I'd say!
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