looking for fellow DJs...

sleepy d
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looking for fellow DJs...

Postby sleepy d » 8 years ago

hello all-- I've been reading around and it looks like there are decks set up a lot around BM....this will be my first BM and I'd love to have a chance to spin some records if some decks are open. Been DJing for about 9 years now. I spin all types of music and use vinyl and Serato. check out my myspace page if you have a chance ( http://www.myspace.com/djsleepyd ) I also make a lot of music as well. Anyways, I'd love to meet up with some other DJ's at BM so please hit me up-- thanks and hope to be in touch

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Postby Diverse » 8 years ago

there are endless sound systems to play on out there. Best bet is just to cruise around buddie up with people and you should be able to play as many sets as you would like to play. The big systems are gona be hard to get on and they will have set times booked tight, but on lots of the little systems its usually a free for all, and just have to slip in the rotation.

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Postby Tubbo » 8 years ago

which systems are the "big systems"? i'm going to BM for the first time this year... =D

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Postby ibdave » 8 years ago

Tubbo wrote:which systems are the "big systems"? i'm going to BM for the first time this year... =D

You'll know when you hear them...... 8) 8) 8)

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Postby Rusty AKA DRiBL » 8 years ago

Ooooo Oooo

I'm a first time BM'er and mix on vinyl and Serato too :D

We should Soooooooo hookup and play some crazy tunes.

I'm with the fire conclave. Look for the Aussie flag. :P
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Postby Stickygreen » 8 years ago

bring CD's, not records...

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