2 girls looking for a camp

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2 girls looking for a camp

Postby misslezzieluv » 8 years ago

my lovely lady friend and i are looking for a camp
this will be my 3rd yr and her first
we're looking for a fun no drama camp (isn't everyone), with shower, food setup, shade, the usual

we're down to help out and pay not outrageous camp dues
we're from sf and live in la these days in our mid/late 20's
and LOVE costumes by night, naked by day
can also email me jscherba@yahoo.com

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Postby dragonpilot » 8 years ago

Contact Kernel Killbuck: 4doobers(at)pyramid(dot)net. He's the lead for Apokiliptika Camp. Check to see if there's room...hope so! Camp's got everything you're looking for and more!

We're part of Terminal City village...blending several other tre cool camps.
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Postby MikeVDS » 8 years ago

You might look into Gigsville as well. No shower for the village but very active in the L.A. area and can help fix your bug for burningman style events the rest of the year. There is always a little drama, but what can you expect with a group that big? (200-400 people who attend the burn each year).

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Postby Token » 8 years ago

Mis Lezzie luv, WTF, girl on girl action! I thought we had to pay extra for that!

Normally these fuckos would be telling you to piss off and all that radical self reliance but double the beaver means double the fun, I guess.

Naughty girls you are...



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