Use your Eplaya login for Burning Man online forms

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Use your Eplaya login for Burning Man online forms

Postby admin » Wed Mar 03, 2004 1:30 pm

Hello my fellow eplayans-

It's our continuing goal to simplify yet enrich your online experience of Burning Man, both from a community perspective and for planning the event. Our end goal is to have more interactive community features and apply a single login for all of the interactive components of the online Burning Man experience.

We've reached a milestone with the newly improved ThemeCamps and Art Installations, and the Department of Motor Vehicles questionnaires.

Ever gone to complete one of these forms, get partway through, then hit a question you didn't know how to answer? Remember what pain and frustration you felt because you were almost done, but couldn't come back and finish it without doing it all over again?

Kiss that suffering goodbye, my friends. we've developed a system by which you and your campmates can start a form online, then come back later to finish it.

The cool part is that you can use your eplaya username and password, so you don't have to create new account just for forms!

(Please note that if you intend to have multiple camp members access the forms, you probably would still want to create a new account, otherwise you'll be handing your eplaya username and password out.)

We are working on applying this model to other interactive components, such as the photographer accounts in the Image Gallery, and will continue this model for any new functionality that requires user IDs in the future.

Pelase forward any questions or suggestions to forms-accounts :<at>: Burning Man :<dot>: com


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