Artistic, Juggling, Geek couple seeking shelter!

Vestibule Chaperone
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Artistic, Juggling, Geek couple seeking shelter!

Postby Vestibule Chaperone » 8 years ago

Yes! We're looking for a camp.

I'm also bringing along my Binorosaur along with me (Binorasaur is a brainwave entrainment machine).

I'm Russian, my GF's Colombian. I'm a serious Goahead - seeking fellow breaks/dnb/psytrancers, jugglers, (fire) Artists, musicians, freaks in the freak kingdom.

Camp fees are fine, but nothing luxurious - we're both students. Water, private bathrooms and showers are all we need. Shade would be nice, but hell, we could make a cover.

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Postby SecretOperativeBear » 8 years ago

when i was a wee little lad...there was this guy at Venice beach who used to Juggle a bowling ball a machete and a flaming torch.

The same guy I think used the juggle 3 chainsaws......... he's probably either dead or permanently disabled now.


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