Camps that ended this year... and why?

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Camps that ended this year... and why?

Postby ZaphodBurner » 8 years ago

Spike's: You will be missed.

The Deep End: My wife and I paid homage to your camp and wish you the best. We, um, may have violated Nevada decency laws in your empty stage and camp at night. Nights. Okay, three nights. Fucking awesome camp.

Critical Tits. Was probably time. Or maybe not. The ladies of our camp looked forward to it every year. I painted up a lot of them, so, I did too.

Disorient: Gone now too? One of my first sights on the playa was that big fucking sign in 2004.

BTW wherethefuck was Do Lab? I've been jonesing for the flower since 2005. Wasn't the same. And David Best's bus wasn't there either.

We salute you all.

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Postby poisenloaf » 8 years ago

I heard that the Robot Heart bus was an offshoot of the Disorient camp folks but I don't know for sure.. I emailed some people that have connections with RH and I'm trying to find out the scoop because they rocked the playa at night so much.

The Bass
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disorient's not gone

Postby The Bass » 8 years ago

Disorient took a chill year this year, and left the esplanade for 4:00 and Dart.

We burned our big sign in 2007.

Haven't left, and will be back in 2009.

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Postby Jay » 8 years ago

things change, people change, and thank god, burningman changes too. i've seen many, many great camps come and go, and that's kinda the point, evolution of thoughts and process....anyone remember bianca's smut shack or solsystem? the list is endless

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Postby Smudge » 8 years ago

Last year for the Thunderdome so I hear. And I totally managed to miss the whole TD thing this year too. Isn't that one about ten years old now?

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Postby theCryptofishist » 8 years ago

A Thunderdome member told me that they were going to take 09 off. So it may be back in 10.
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Postby Joshatdot » 8 years ago

this was The Deep End's last year?! Crap I would have hung out there more this year, I loved it there!

Now where should I go, next year, for awesome music, dancing & drinks during the day?

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Re: Camps that ended this year... and why?

Postby ScoutDG » 8 years ago

ZaphodBurner wrote:Spike's: You will be missed.

Critical Tits. Was probably time. Or maybe not. The ladies of our camp looked forward to it every year. I painted up a lot of them, so, I did too.

Spikes apparently is just morphing, as vampires tend to do (to Underworld). viewtopic.php?t=26768&highlight=spikes

CT's website says 2008 was the last year for the party, which surely was a lot of work but was a great party. But, they say 2008 was not the last year for the ride/parade/whatever-it-is.

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