Inconveniance Store. Help Wanted

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Postby somekind » 8 years ago

I missed it this year, but I promise to look for it next time.

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Postby JezebelinHell » 8 years ago

I spent two days working there and it was the highlight of my week. I would've spent more time there but I was dealing first with a very sick girlfriend and then with a very sick me, and I couldn't make it all the way across the giant playa for a couple of days. I will definitely be back to work some more next year. I'll even make sure I track down a goofy vest/name tag.
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Postby sattelite5812 » 8 years ago

Dammit, I looked all over the 3:00 keyhole and asked several camps in the vicinity where it was, and I still never found it. Sounds like I missed out on a lot of fun too! Was misinformation regarding the location part of the "inconvenience"?

If I can get more specific (accurate?) directions next time around, I'd still love to work a shift...

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