2008-who' the woman DJ playing sunrise Sunday at bigfire ...

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2008-who' the woman DJ playing sunrise Sunday at bigfire ...

Post by chispacat » Tue Sep 09, 2008 10:56 am


I was at sunrise after the night of the Man's burn, somewhere very far away... at a big fire, maybe it was the burn of TheEnd but not sure... it was great to get there in front of the fire cause it was sooooo cold!

and then an artcar came and an amazing DJ woman started playing amazing dancing music. I couldn't stop dancing!
Who was she? and how do you call that music? I LOVE IT!!!!!

I was cruising with a wonderful couple and their friends in a mutant vehicle (I think it was a cute firefly), don't remember any name... Thank you guys, you are all so wonderful and loving and FUN. I had a blast of time with you.

Anyway, this has been my first time in BM and really, I mean really, the very best time EVER!



Pilar / Lea (Spain / Thailand) which name did I use at that time???? lol...

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Post by LeChatNoir » Tue Sep 09, 2008 9:01 pm


I don't know who the DJ was... sorry. I wasn't there so I can't help you with that unfortunately. But I'm glad you had a great first burn. Sometimes out there the people, the setting, and the music can all come together to form a perfect moment in time that hangs in your mind long after it's been and gone.

Glad you got to experience that.
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