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Post by dadara » Tue Sep 09, 2008 7:28 pm

somekind wrote: I talked to some people who were put off by the attitude of the security officers and turned and left. Not too smart!! Open your eyes, people!

Well done.
It was very interesting to notice the change when we went from the initial fun attitude handing out passports to a more mean and hardcore totalitarian attitude where we really tried to get into people's minds.

It worked so much better. The first day didn't feel right it was too much "Disneyworld", which the new approach people really had to make an effort and the level of interactivity became amazing and the stories that people told afterwords were incredible as well.

I got a lot of emails of people thanking me for the project. There was one that was very special and which I wanted to share, since that person learned a lot from the project and gave up on the material goal of obtaining the passport:
Thank you very much for making Checkpoint DreamYourTopia. It really moved me, and before I visited (on Thursday?) I had not really connected with the American Dream theme.

I didn't get a passport because I had a strange moving experience while filling out the form. I realized that I did not want my dream. Operating from the definition of dream as "a story I tell you I want to be true", I had this idea that our dreams are tragically flawed because they are products of our selves, which I also believe are tragically flawed. Reality is more perfect, surprising, and satisfying than our dream might ever be. For example, in my wildest dreams, I could not have imagines burning man and all of it's amazingness; the reality is so much more shocking and wonderful!

That's just one thought. I regret not finishing the passport application process, but you changed my burn, and provoked ideas, which was worth it.
And of course some people didn't get it and left angry, which was inevitable.

So not all mails I received were positive:
this was positively the shittiest installation i've ever visited in all my visits to the playa. oh sure, the passport that i never got looked pretty and all. good job, bitches. the beef i have is with the dude bro who was on dudie that night. this cow behind me starts shit for no reason other than the fact that she was a self hater, and then starts crying to the dude bro, as if we're in kindergarten. then with no information to go on he sided with her and tried to reprimand me by getting up in my face with his magaphone...why? because i have a penis. i truly hope your sharty poop shoot of a dream moops up the playa next year so i can take a dump on it.
Just got back to Dallas and unloaded the truck.

will have more thoughts once I'll be decompressed and dedusted!

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Post by wedeliver » Tue Sep 09, 2008 8:25 pm

I think we can only dream about what dadara's art will evolve into in the future. He has amazing talent and it is a privledge to see his work first hand. What also was amazing was seeing the work develop here on eplaya as he posted the progress of the project. For those people who had the opportunity to visit the project while it was open, I envy you and to those who took offense to the art's reality, wow, it was real wasn't it. Hot shit, real shit. emotions provoked, feelings felt.. oh how I envy you.

Thanks dude for bringing your shit all the way from Holland, it rocks, you rock and I look forward to your next effort.
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Dreamyourtopia on Burning Man Free TV

Post by dadara » Thu Sep 18, 2008 8:48 pm

For those who have missed it in the desert, or want to relive the experience: ... myourtopia

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Post by Fire_Moose » Fri Sep 19, 2008 9:13 am

I loved this installation. It was weird at first..."oh yeah i get to fill out a form' then the form kept going...and asking odder questions. It turned out to be a lot of fun filling it out....putting in secret meanings that i knew the guards wouldnt friend who was with me started and then got bored and left haha
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Post by Mosin » Fri Sep 19, 2008 10:18 am

Dreamyourtopia was one of the highlights of our Burn. Amazing!! We stumbled across it on what was probably the first night it was open (Sat or Sunday), as work ws still going on around us inside the compound. Not knowing exactly what it was, and having heard that there was a camp giving out free waterboarding experiences (!) we walked up and asked if this was where we got the free waterboarding. I think that was perhaps the first true test of the staff's poker faces...the bunny guy wants to be waterboarded... :lol: ! We were given applications, which were simultaneously hilarious, sinister, and thought provoking. It took us about 10 min. to completely fill out the form/s, and another 5 mins or so of interrogation before we were finally issued visitor's visas/passports and script--coolest keepsakes I've ever been gifted at the burn--and allowed through. <sigh of relief... the promised dreamland is at hand!). Our time at the bar was stellar. It was like a mini decompression in itself. Absolutely incredible.

As the week went by, it was great to hear the stories of our campmates who found the checkpoint on their own. One group was standing in line about to receive their applications when a woman behind them ("staff" perhaps?) leaned in and whispered: "You people are too nice. I am going to tell the authorities that you are terrorists!!" My friend Shari was scared.... but then she concocted a plan... when they got to the front of the line she told the guard that the woman behind her was bragging that she was a drug mule, was carrying top-grade Afghani/00, and should be given a cavity search ASAP! :shock:

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Post by Free2B » Mon Sep 29, 2008 1:09 pm

This place was amazing, the staff was priceless! We didn't really know what was up when we first got in (definitely not one of the first nights)... some newcomers walk in & see their friend filling out forms by a wall "You're really filling that out !?" ah, his voice! It was a cross between “if you only knewâ€


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