Old threads dissapering

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Old threads dissapering

Post by BlueBirdPoof » Fri Jan 23, 2004 4:50 pm

There used to be a thread, I thought in the newbie forum, started by someone who wanted feedback about taking their teenager to the event next year. Now we have a couple teens talking about going, and I thought that it might make a nice cross-post--in a see different perspectives on things sort of way. The newbie forum looks much shorter now, as does "Rumors and Lies" and "Theme 2003, Beyond Belief."
What happened?

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Post by III » Fri Jan 23, 2004 10:12 pm

threads can age away, and be automatically deleted by the bbs.

this seems to be something that is set either on a per category, or per thread basis (i suspect per category).

they are not all set the same, and there are enough categories that managing them all seems to be difficult. i'm not even sure that the guest posting has been turned off in the feedback section, and that's an area with high admin visibility.

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Post by technopatra » Tue Feb 03, 2004 9:26 am

I went through each folder and found 4 or so that were set to autoprune. I disabled the autopruning so this shouldn't continue to be a problem. We will keep an eye out for this soon.

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Post by Bob » Tue Feb 17, 2004 3:46 am


Does this mean that a piece of software may routinely delete the eplaya archive?

How convenient. Does it work on rave camps?
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Post by Chai Guy » Thu Mar 25, 2004 7:40 pm

I was looking for the thread on La Contessa (NOT the La Contessa = Bush re-election thread, I'm talking about the original La Contessa thread). And I can't find it. Did this thread get autopruned as well?

I'm also finding that searching certain members yeilds no responses, even when I've just read their post.

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Post by Tancorix » Sun Mar 28, 2004 8:34 am

I was curious if anyone backs up the eplaya server and if so, could any of those backups be used to restore the missing threads?

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Post by theCryptofishist » Wed Mar 31, 2004 3:02 pm

More important. Do deleted threads mean that the post get deleted from your count.

If not, will we end up with someone with a high thread count and no visible posts?

I know, not likely. Still, it appeals to my sence of the absurd.

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