**what are the real health risks of the playa???***

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Postby Halcyon » 13 years ago

Pets: My brother and 4 of our neighbors got what you had, it sounds like. For about 24 hours they were OUT of commission. Barely able to speak, vomiting, unable to stand. We thought it might have been food poisoning...but if you got it, too...hmm.

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Postby TawnyGnosis » 13 years ago

the same bug was at my camp. The people were confined to their beds for a day wretching and feeling like hell. Bad stuff
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What's up *with* all those *asterisks*

Postby The Key Man » 13 years ago

Jennifer, interesting *topic* but with all due respect, I must question your seeming *passion* for asterisks! Are they meant to add *emphasis* like italics? Maybe they are more *akin* to quotes and refer to comments in other posts?

Reading your previous post, I felt a certain choppiness *that* interfered with the flow of *the* words, but this may well have been my *own* fault. I would enjoy it if you'd *call* me and read your post aloud, *asterisks* and all, so that I may fully grok and enjoy the symbol as *you* intended it to be *interpreted*. My phone number *is* 818-843-1260.

In *return*, I could send you some *sparklers* for next years Burning Man, *if* you like.

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Postby blyslv » 13 years ago

Anyone else get the bug I got?

Yeah, I gots bugs alright!
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Postby Zane5100 » 13 years ago

PJ wrote:The only real menace to health on the Playa is blue balls.


That, and fuckwits (either yourself or others).
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Re: Health Risk..The Real Culprit !!!

Postby TestesInSac » 13 years ago

bschlong wrote:Anyone see some secret memo's floating around or something !?

Well, I see something floating, but it don't look like no memo.


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Postby clandyone » 13 years ago

Bugs will go around in ANY situation where people congregate in close quarters for a week. Isn't that kind of a gimme?

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Postby playasnake » 13 years ago

anyone live in a city?

chances are you are inhaling far worse crap on a daily basis than anything on the playa.

i can be smoking a cigarette in the middle of a dust storm and still breath better than being in LA on a typical stage 3 day.

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Postby Cheesus » 13 years ago

playasnake wrote:i can be smoking a cigarette in the middle of a dust storm and still breath better than being in LA on a typical stage 3 day.

Hear. hear! I live in L.A., and I ALWAYS feel like my lungs have gotten a nice, healthy break when I return from the playa.

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nose bleeds

Postby bgirl » 13 years ago

Hey Tempest ,I had a similar nosebleed one year so the next, I brought a spray bottle and sprayed my face/nose whenever I felt dry(and with the super soaker if really dry,he he) and when it was dusty I put a dampened cloth over my nose and mouth,before a dry cloth,keeps ya well hydrated. 8) No more nose bleeds . :mrgreen:

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Postby PureJoy » 13 years ago

Actually my health IMPROVED on the playa:
- no more ahtlete's foot (dried out)
- no more of these weird pink patches on my skin (viral thing I caught a few weeks ago) -- dried out
- no more running nose or other cold symptoms
- a wonderful, healthy tan.

Loved it !!!!

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