2009 Burn "Looking for a Camp/Campers" Personal ad

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Postby Finnegan » 7 years ago

Right, just pitch your tent, introduce yourselves to your neighbors, and suddenly, you're camping with someone!
"No one is innocent, citizen. We are merely here to determine the level of your guilt."
- Judge Dredd

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Postby booblies » 7 years ago

The plot thickens...
Think of it, We are all humans here on Earth functioning and feeling. Some of us do not want to feel or show any feelings but when it boils down to it, We are all here for each other.

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Postby gaminwench » 7 years ago

Even if you are with a themecamp, you need to be prepared to survive on your own.
You will not be alone, there are are 50,000 other dusty freaks camping with you.
Mostly, being in a themecamp means committing to lots of on-playa work - keeping stuff interactive and moop-free 24/7 is not a relaxing task - especially rough on newbies...
Participation WILL happen, if you're open to it...
Be self-reliant and curious, the rest will follow!

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Ugly Dougly
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Postby Ugly Dougly » 7 years ago

You will have only the dust devils to hold your hand and dance with you.

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Postby SpacemanSpliff » 7 years ago

Finnegan wrote:noone expects the Spanish Inquisition. Spanish Inquisition.

Our chief weapon is surprise... surprise and fear... fear and surprise...

Our two weapons are fear and surprise... and ruthless efficiency....
"No, dude, I'm not going to kiss the cat. You people are sick. I'm outta here."

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Postby Finnegan » 7 years ago

Among our weaponry are things such as surprise, fear, a ruthless efficiency.. Oh, start again.
"No one is innocent, citizen. We are merely here to determine the level of your guilt."

- Judge Dredd

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Postby Galaxo Magic » 7 years ago

[quote="TravTrav"]Hello to all!

Im totally down to hit the ol dusty trail by myself, but I want to make sure I dont miss out on anything!
First of all, there is NO POSSIBLE WAY you will see it all. You will miss out on more than you can possible imagine, however, that said, you will experience more than you thought possible! In 2004 I spent 9 days trying to see and do EVERYTHING. I thought I did a great job, then I would hear about this camp or that art project or see pictures of things I did not see. It just is too immense to see it all and that is one of the beauties of this event!

The first two years I was not in a camp, the last 6 I have been in a camp, I am about ready to go back to going by myself, time for new experiences. :)

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Spiritual Village seeks similar minded small camps & pee

Postby veleda » 7 years ago

Hey all;

Sacred Spaces Village (consisting of a few small camps focused on creating sacred spaces on the playa) is seeking new members and other smallish camps interested in combining resources to create a potent mystical experience on playa..

Info below::

Are you thinking about going to Burning Man and looking for a spiritual and conscious place to make a contribution? Evolutionary Temple/Sacred Spaces Camp at Burning Man is now open for enrollment.
http://groups. google.com: 80/group/ sacred-spaces/ members_invite? hl=en

IF YOU'RE READY NOW, REGISTER @ http://www.evolutionarytemple. com

- Join the camp by 6/30 for a contribution of $108. (This is a non-profit endeavor and your fees pay for shared group amenities such as truck, power and showers.)

- Join the meal plan by 6/30 for $151. (7 days of vegetarian meals, smoothies, chai and snacks (with raw options) prepared by the Hare Krishnas--the world's most experienced outdoor wilderness chefs.)

The Evolutionary Temple is a sustainably- designed temple complex that will create a dynamic map of Evolutionary Consciousness and be a meeting place for the visionary intersection of science, art, sustainability, music, healing and spirituality.

Each temple space combines participatory activities and sacred art, exploring unique states of consciousness that incorporate the evolutionary path of this planet, and draws from the symbolic maps of consciousness and illumination in many world traditions.

Sacred Spaces Camp:

- Shared shade, chill/meeting space, kitchen, power, solar lighting, showers.

- Optional healthy vegetarian meal plan prepared by the Hare Krishnas, with a 24 hour kitchen, snacks, chai, smoothies, and raw options. http://www.krishnacamp.com.)

Evolutionary Temple:

- Prominent and visible location requested on Esplanade

- Contemplative music as well as live performances (with musicians from the Mystic Garden and Rainbow tribal familes), and big Esplanade-facing music / performance stage on top of the Freedom Tribe's large vintage 60s school bus heated with a woodstove!

- Visionary Art gallery(ies) with Evolutionary and Energetic themes with projections paintings by leading visionary artists including Alex Grey, Robert Venosa, Martina Hoffman, Ras Rio, the Energy Art Movement and many others from around the world.

- workshops in healing, metaphysics, sacred mysteries, consciousness...

- 30 ft. geodesic dome, reincorporating some of the sculpture, fixtures and decor from the 2008 Pantheogenesis Temple. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p4ns9lO_VMw

Within this Sacred Space, we invite, engage and nurture participants, inspiring both connection to and evolution of the spirit within while simultaneously exploring visions for the creation and actualization of sustainable communities in apt relationship with the Earth and Skies.

Let us EVOLVE together!

Email me if you have questions, would like to host a workshop, perform, or contribute art, lighting, sound, sculpture or crystals to the temple.

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2 guys from AU, first timers

Postby trashtrampoline » 7 years ago

hi all, 2 friendly, open, healthy living 30 something blokes coming to BM for the first time.

looking to try to make our first festival as , um, straight forward as possible.

we have been to similar style festivals in AU but it is tricky to organise from a million miles away.

we are looking to connect with a group/campsite of friendly people that will help ease us firstimers into the experience.

we are very generous with our spirit and happy to contribute in whatever way necessary.

feel free to drop me a message through this forum. also open to getting together with others in SF who can offer us a lift etc.


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Postby geminiRanger » 7 years ago

howdy folks - 3rd year burner looking to team up in the name of comfort and awesomeness. I'm travelling with a carload of peoples, 3 virgins, and another vet from SF. Really we're looking for cool cats to chill with and perhaps neighbours who would like to team up on some serious shade status. Its more about comfort and company than anything else, we're not looking to share in meal cooking necessarily (not that we won't, but we like to operate somewhat independently).

Anyhow, anyhow, if the energy feels right, hit me up.

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Postby Ugly Dougly » 7 years ago

You are always correct to list whatever skills and talents you can bring to camp.

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Planet Arrakis

Postby Bishop6 » 7 years ago

As I posted earlier, Planet Arrakis is underway and coming along very nicely. We're in the process of procuring a school bus and converting it for a cross country road trip from Florida to BRC. Anyone interested in joining the road trip, getting picked up along the way, meeting in Reno, and / or camping with us should join our theme camp event page on Facebook. It can be found here:


Updates, photos, pre-burn meet-ups, EL-wire weekends, bus painting events, etc. will be coordinated through the Facebook event page, so once you join keep an eye on your inbox for details.

See you all on the playa!
Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

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Bar seeks stools, rugs, chairs, fluffy furry things.

Postby fluffmuppet » 7 years ago

we are from Brooklyn NY, and each year we drag our own style of fabulousness to the playa. In the form of a bar and chill space. But due to the distance we travel its a bit hard to cart out all the things we want.
So, we were thinking, perhaps there are some peope who live closer to BRC and would like to join forces in making a great hang out space?
We are going to be camping with PEX village, so its gunna be a fun locale.
Last year we kept the cocktails and beers flowing at Porn and Eggs across from the Deep End. We are rather easy going, and do love a good laugh.

Virgins welcome!

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Postby H.G.Crosby » 7 years ago

team up in the name of comfort and awesomeness

dont waste your hard earned cash pilgrim at burning man...

Might i suggest a wonderful little get-away spot, 17 miles up the hill, i believe it's Verdi, if i'm not mistaken, a little shangri-la called boomtown.

you wont have to worry about all of those silly grey and black water rules there not to mention the free sirius radio.

oh shit, i just made a commerce boo-boo, fuck....oh fuck, thats a different thread...
Once I noticed I was on fire, I decided to relax and enjoy the fall™

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Postby Igneouss » 7 years ago

Grumpy overweight old guy. Found a theme camp. Driving out from East Coast. Might be fun to find another newbie to join in the experience.

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Postby theCryptofishist » 7 years ago

So, fluffmuppet, is there any particular reason P&E isn't letting you back?
The Lady with a Lamprey

"The powerful are exploiting people, art and ideas, and this leads to us plebes debating how to best ration ice.
Man, no wonder they always win....." Lonesomebri

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Don't Be Silly!

Postby fluffmuppet » 7 years ago

P and E love us.
But we are branching out on our own this year.

Plus P & E aren't coming from last I heard.

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Postby smorg » 7 years ago

Hi, I'm a first time burner and will be attending with a good friend of mine, and we will be driving down from Canada.

I've had trouble looking into themecamps, but I would love to take part in one.

Materialistically speaking, it would be convenient for me to take part in a camp which offers water and vegetarian meals. I can help contribute to costs and any other possible way that I can.

Non-materialistically speaking, I'm hoping to make lots of new friends and participate in an event which reveals the true human potential.

If anyone can suggest me any camps to look into which you think would be within my interests, please do tell!

Looking forward to experiencing an awesome week with you all!


I apologize for my ignorance. Simply looking above it seems that Sacred Space/Evolutionary Temple looks to be almost exactly what I'm looking forward.

By trouble, I just mean its a little overwhelming to look through the many many theme camps available.

Suggestions, are still much appreciated.

: )

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Postby Finnegan » 7 years ago

Must.. Control. Fist of.. Snark.

Hi! Welcome aboard!

I've had trouble looking into themecamps
How so?

You could start just one level up from here where it says something like 2009 Theme Camps. There seem to be a number of them listed.
"No one is innocent, citizen. We are merely here to determine the level of your guilt."

- Judge Dredd

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Dr. Pyro
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Postby Dr. Pyro » 7 years ago

If you don't mind eating meat every meal and forget about this vegetarian nonsense, then maybe we can help. But I doubt it. You ought to try bacon, the new vegetable for the new millennium.

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Das Bus
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Postby Das Bus » 7 years ago

Dr. Pyro wrote:If you don't mind eating meat every meal and forget about this vegetarian nonsense, then maybe we can help. But I doubt it. You ought to try bacon, the new vegetable for the new millennium.

I like to camp next to Vegans, so when I run out of meat, I can just BBQ them!
Medicated and Motivated!

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Lookin for a camp

Postby lucaswm » 7 years ago

Hi Burners!
My name is Lucas, I'm 28 years old and brazilian.
I've been to BM two years ago and now I'm planning my return to BRC this year.
Looking for a cool camp to join.

Hope to hear from you.


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Re: Don't Be Silly!

Postby condor » 7 years ago

[quote="fluffmuppet"]P and E love us.
But we are branching out on our own this year.

Plus P & E aren't coming from last I heard.[/quote]

Hi! just sent you a pm...

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Postby rob1981sac » 7 years ago

Hey 28yo first time burner looking to
join a camp, self sufficient, hard working and willing to be a part of a team.
I know it a little late so hoping a chill camp has room.
Looking for gay or gay friendly camp


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Most awesome person ever, in search of a place to call home.

Postby gnovos » 7 years ago

It's not easy being the most likable and friendly person on the planet, but, well, I guess I can live with that distinction... I'm looking for an amazing theme camp that will both appreciate my zany personality and my amazing ability to do whatever it is that you need done, even if it required the deaths of many of your fellow campers while I learn the terribly hazardous skill that is required to perform the task. I am willing to put in the effort! ;) Give me a chance, I will make you happy! Well, at least those of you who survive.

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I want to join a Gay Friendly HOT Boy Group

Postby manofsize » 7 years ago

HELP me I need a place to live and a bud or two to hang with at the Burn its my first and I will be all alone .....

ManofSize ...Let them Eat Cake ...Marie Antoinette

Life is a Banquet and most Poor Suckers are Starving to Death ....<Mame Dennis> aka Rosalind Russell

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Dr Dilemma
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Postby Dr Dilemma » 7 years ago

Hey folks. Paradise Motel is a group of Queer San Francisco Nerds who have gone all official this year and have been placed at 9 and H. Some of our folks can't make it this year, so we'd be open to a few new people.

We have:

* Trance DJ
* Snow Cones
* Mutant Animals

So check us out at http://www.desertparadise.org/ and let us know if you'd be interested. We have camping spaces and de-lux RV spots.


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Postby frostbiteforever » 7 years ago

I'm 21 from oregon, infatuated with rainbows and shiny objects. I love naps, star gazing, and cheese. I like to make art, and I give good hugs. I'm a taurus and I make corny jokes.

This will be my second year attending, I am bringing a virgin who wants to see art and not have to help a huge theme camp build their junk and pay extra for their food. We have been offered a place to stay with a camp on the esplanade but I think that just might be a bit much for my first timer. We'll be down for the whole week including the temple burn. I would really just like somehwere with some shade and dust storm hideout and a lil stove to heat up me tea kettle, and some nice folks who won't steal our stuff while we are out running around nakey. No need to feed or entertain me though we can contribute our super skills in whatever you need to make it worth your time. I would stay without a camp but I don't want to deal with makin a good shady contraption to chill in and my virgin is obviously not going to know what to do either. haha.

send me an email if you have any advice :) thanks



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No need to find a camp

Postby johnp1126 » 7 years ago

My first was 2001 and I camped all by myself. People back home thought I was nuts, and it was a scary proposition. Middle aged suburbanite leaves for desert alone.....never to be heard from again. I survived, even thrived.

I met lots of nice folks. I sold bus tickets, got a taxi ride to the burn. All this and I am not even a people person. Can't imagine what I could have acomplished if I were. It really is a community, and like any commmunity you will find a lot of good along with some bad and some ugly.

Looking back, solo was the best way to experience my first Burningman.

Carry a plate, a fork and a cup with you where ever you go. Being a single camper, people were always willing to feed me. Food, no problem but no one wants to wash an extra dish.

Chill, and have a blast.
I believe with sensible footwear and a good night sleep, anything is possible

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We have space for six more

Postby RabbiGideon » 7 years ago

Camp MichiMash, within AEZ, 6:30 and DNA -- has space for a few (5) cool, HAI oriented kind of persons.

It's on the quiet side here, no generators at AEZ, and everyone's very laid back, with much fun and joy ot be had. We have two domes and the gift (we need help with) is body painting, 10a-1p, Monday through Friday, in complimentary shifts.

Email Rabbi Gideon at positivelydanschultz@gmail.com

Photos of all of us (most of us) at positivelydan (Dan Schultz) on FaceBook. My personal web site is www.positivelydan.com

Looking forward to a great Burn!

In Love,
Rabbi Gideon (Dan Schultz)

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