share resources forum reformating

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share resources forum reformating

Postby cunfuzelled » Sat Jul 25, 2009 6:35 pm

so i had an idea last week while looking at the share resources section and wondering where items were located that people were offering out for free or trade to burners. the reason i was wondering these questions is the same reason why the share resources forum is mainly used for giving recommendations of places to exercise our normal world habit of spending money and not trading or sharing things already in the possession of burners. because this area is organized as a forum updated by date of most recent post and not of what is being shared as a resource there is a great deal of inefficiency in this section. it could be greatly improved by making this section organized better as a resource sharing board.

a good resource sharing board which is already in existence which also is in great use by burners, but is not used that much for sharing, trading and gifting is at craigslist there are no advertisements, fancy boarders or colors, no fancy flash, just plain, old, text based, commerce. this commerce isn't filled with adds disguised to be individuals selling, when in fact they are companies, because it is such a simple design that companies cannot create their fancy front page to catch the viewers. craigslist is an entity of the American society which is pulling America closer to the viewpoint of us burners by helping the small man grow while showing the consumer that the flash of the company is not necessary. if we will work on the other side of the scale and try to help burners trade more by creating a trading board similar to craigslist in simplicity and workings we may be able to make our goal a more real thing.

by doing this we could greatly decrease the energy spent by burners on finding cheep goods for use in our society. this would allow more energy to be put into our society and help our greater goal. the formatting a thing like this could work in many different ways which could be recommended and built by many people in our society. in a trade option there could be the option of "i have this item up for trade" "i will accept these items in return" "submit a reasonable trade item or service", and much more. it could be a box for specify your own circumstances. the wonderful thing about a system like this is it could, over time, be expanded to involve more than just physical items of commerce to involve items such as "labor for __ Hours", "join in ___ Event" "ride to burningman" and much much much more.

it could cost a great deal of money and effort to evolve a system like this. but w we are a community of givers. the people in this community have a wonderful set of skills which could be matched by very few. we love building revolutionary and amazing things. and i say why cant we build a thing which would help us follow our goal more efficiently. there are people in our society who know how to program websites. there are people who know how to fund raise, and the effort amount saved by having a system of this type for all of burners would greatly outweigh the amount of effort spent on tracking down and locating things which are in need in our current society.

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Deb Prothero
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Postby Deb Prothero » Sat Jul 25, 2009 9:52 pm

Since I have no programming skills, I have no ability to assist with this project but I'd like to endorse the idea.

I've often got things that I'd like to share to a good home rather than sell. And sometimes I'm looking for something a bit out of the ordinary but which burners might have.

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Postby theCryptofishist » Sat Jul 25, 2009 10:59 pm

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