2008 Experience Feedback

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2008 Experience Feedback

Postby JacobKukuk » Sun Aug 09, 2009 2:11 pm

So after researching and looking trough info about how Burning Man is supposed to be like... When i ventured to BM 08 I noticed most camps were... different then what was described. I saw someone complain to a "free" bar about how they couldn't get another drink and they told the bar tender that they were not a true burner because they wouldn't give them a another drink lol, so I viewed that as maybe some but not all burners take advantage of this burner title "I'm a burner, your not because you wont give me more free stuff, so your bad..." to get things that there really is not much of a supply of in the middle of the black rock desert. I then experiences 3 camps that had VIP lounges for people who paid before the event started to gain access.... I understand that it can cover the camp fees but whats the difference when most of the people who paid just go in the VIP lounge as a statement to say there better then everyone else. The final thing I noticed that reallyyy concerned me... During the temple burn after the temple fell and it was freezing butt cold I started walking tords the temple just to get warm... Then a ranger camp by and started forcefully pushing me backwards saying GET BACK! GET BACK! and so I repeatedly told the ranger that I'm compiling and started to walk backwards but he would still constantly shout it like some swat idiot.

Anyways other then that I had a great time with the people I met but I'm not sure if the "Burner" title is good or bad. I see more people using it to look better then others when in reality were all supposed to be equal... Sorry if I offend anyone.

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