Solar Power on the Playa

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Post by cunfuzelled » Wed Aug 26, 2009 11:02 pm

hey wkorthof

i have built a box with a 100amphour battery, a car head unit, a car amplifier, 2 fans with vaccume filters on them to provide positive clean airflow and a solar pannel plug. i have 1 15 watt solar pannel i have purchased i wanted to buy a 45 watt solar pannel but couldnt aford it. i have just realized that my calculations were way off because of the amp ratings of batteries. power is suposedto be rated in watts not amps so i didnt realize till now that batterys were rated in amps.

i only have a 3 amp trickle charger. my question is do you have larger 12 volt chargers at camp or would i have to purchase a larger one for use there? no time to order more solar panels now


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