Awakening Video/Music (VJ) Set.. Seeking Performance slot...

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Awakening Video/Music (VJ) Set.. Seeking Performance slot...

Postby Hottlotus » Fri Aug 28, 2009 4:41 am

Im a VJ, Dance/UV performer with an innovative video/dj performance.
Seeking a stage where Projectors are set up to play a 45 min Set of
Awakening, Spiritual Chakra Dance performance. Unlike anything anyone have ever seen. Ive been working on it for the past several months and now has come together. If theres a place or two where I can perform the VJ set with projectors/screen set up, please let me know. It will take you to higher dimensions. That I can promise. Message me if theres any places I can possibly perform that would let me do a 45min Audio/Visual Awakening set.

Love, Light and Playa dust,

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